About Us

We Provide Quality Chicken

Shivas Chickens are wholesalers, distributors and suppliers of the fresh and high quality poultry products. We cater to a wide variety of clientele from bar & grille, pizza store and restaurants to caterers and pubs, clubs, butchers and supermarkets.

At Shivas Chicken we specialize in the Wholesale and Distribution of Toronto and GTA freshest and Premium chicken.

All of our chicken is delivered in our very own licensed refrigerated vehicles. Our delivery run includes Toronto and Gta

Services for You

Chicken Whole Sale

we are sell chicken wholesale toronto and gta

Chicken Retail

we are sell chicken retail in toronto and gta

Chicken Delivery

we are deliver fresh chicken in toronto and gta


Director Message

I like to Share my experience, opinion, feedback, and advice to each one as a friend:
Be careful of the friendship that you keep now this message may not mean much to you but be careful anyway, the movement you stop talking to some of your friends, you realize that your enemies will have no new updates.

My personal philosophy is keeping my work Up to Date and I do not think of postpone. In my mind there is no TOMORROW word to say, or I don’t believe in that, because there is no guarantee of my sole will be existing tomorrow. Honesty is my policy and keeping and maintaining the promise is very important in my life.

In any business, keeping the customers happy and steady in a long run is not easy as you think and maintaining the customers in good terms and good relationship is very important. I have been learning the tragedy from over 2500 customers every day and still learning new business raggedy day by day.