We Provide Quality Chicken

Shivas Chicken is a wholesaler, distributor, and supplier of fresh and high-quality poultry products. We cater to a wide variety of clientele including restaurants, caterers, clubs, butchers, and supermarkets.

At Shivas Chicken, we specialize in the wholesale and distribution of the freshest and finest chicken. We take pride in the quality chicken provided to our customers.

All of our chicken is delivered in our very own licensed refrigerated vehicles. Our delivery zone includes the entire Greater Toronto Area.

Please feel free to contact us with your inquiry to get you the finest chicken in town.

Provincial Government License No: 6521


Director Message

I would like to share my experience as a small business owner operating as a licensed meat distributor in Toronto, Ontario. I have been in the business since April 2000 operating a meat plant delivering wholesale chicken to a variety of vendors.

My personal philosophy is keeping my work up to date and I do not think of procrastinating as it can lead to failure. I believe in getting work done immediately and efficiently as unexpected obstacles can lie ahead. I like to prioritize my work and check tasks off my list to ensure that I have the time and resources to focus on new work. This philosophy ensures I keep my customers happy to avoid delays in the service provided.

I strive to build meaningful and impactful relationships with all my customers. The key to these relationships is honesty. I want to be transparent and honest with all my customers to ensure we are in good understanding. Honesty is a key step for quality service, which is one of my goals while operating the business.

Lastly, strategic planning is key to success in any kind of business. I operate my business with long term goals through strategic planning and ensure all my operational decisions adhere to the long-term goals I have made. Quality, timely service, and customer satisfaction is always the forefront in my strategic planning.

I am thankful for all the customers and key stakeholders that support Shivas Chicken.

Success is a five-step process:

First you must know what you’re going after your goals. Then you encounter your problems On the way to your goals then You must diagnose those problems and get at the root causes And that may be a weakness that you have or a weakness somebody has, But you better get at the root cause and then once you got the root cause Then you can design something you write down on your to-do list I got to do this thing that’s number four design and then number five You got to do it. You just can’t say okay now I am going to do that thing and not push through to results and if you can do that over and over